Embark on a journey as we unveil an extraordinary success tale from esteemed battery storage eco-partner in Australia. The genuine experiences of the end user of our cutting-edge battery fuel our passion, and we take great pride in positively impacting their energy bills.

πŸ” Surging Prices: Australian Electricity Costs Rise!
On November 11th, the energy scene in Australia experienced an unexpected surge, with peak prices reaching a high of 16.81 AUD at 18:45. This provided users with a unique opportunity to utilize our HEMS (Home Energy Management System) for energy trading, taking advantage of this timely moment.

🌐 Energy AI Insight: Smart Predictions for Savings!
Our advanced Energy AI doesn’t just predict the future; it responds in real-time to sudden market changes. As Australian electricity prices unexpectedly rose on November 11th, our AI automatic strategy quickly identified the spike every 5 minutes, enabling it to proactively optimize battery charging and discharging strategies.

πŸ’° Reveling in Victories
Our vigilant HEMS, powered by energy AI, detected this market anomaly and executed a strategic energy trading process. Consequently, users enjoyed substantial cost savings of 30.07 AUD on that particular day alone! Notably , before utilizing our HEMS App, the family’s monthly electricity bill ranged from 120 to 150 AUD. After using our HEMS App, the monthly bill consistently decreased to an average of 70-80 AUD. This success emphasizes our commitment to assisting users in navigating dynamic market conditions.

🏭 Eco-Partner Spotlight: Empowering Storage Solutions
This significant achievement speaks not only to our HEMS but also to our successful partnership with an esteemed eco-partner in energy storage. Together, we’re reshaping the energy landscape, supporting over 50 brands and promising users exceptional savings and efficiency.

πŸ”„ VPP Revolution: Building a Sustainable Future
Based on the insights from our users, we’re constructing a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) system. This revolutionary initiative empowers users to unlock high returns in the dynamic electricity market. The VPP not only ensures economic benefits but also contributes to a sustainable future through optimized energy utilization and distribution.

Hey forward-thinking device manufacturers! Ready to join forces with us? Step into the heart of our eco-partner network, where your products seamlessly become part of our ecosystem. Let’s redefine energy management together, making waves in innovation! πŸ’‘βœ¨

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