State-Owned Enterprise Energy Storage Cloud Platform

This project offers customers the enjoyelec intelligent energy management cloud system, known as iEMS Cloud. This platform enables unified management and coordinated control of multiple energy microgrids and energy storage stations through access to EMS stations. It also provides Virtual Power Plant (VPP) services. In addition to meeting customers’ needs for routine production monitoring and production operation management, this project aggregates distributed energy stations owned by customers and facilitates market participation. By leveraging user demand, load forecasts, power generation forecasts, and safety scheduling models, the solar power generation plan can significantly reduce station management costs, enhance revenue, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the field station.
  • · Manage 26 energy storage stations and 6 solar power stations
  • Launched in 2021, the Demand Response (DR) service through Virtual Power Plant (VPP) resulted in more than a 35% increase in gross income for a single site located in the Shanghai Aerospace Park