Residential Energy Management Solution

enjoyelec’s residential energy management solution comprises a software and hardware system integrating solar, ESS, EV chargers, and household power systems. It seamlessly interfaces with other smart-home devices. Customers can opt for our comprehensive integrated solution, encompassing both hardware and software components, or selectively utilize our software HEMS and intelligent gateway, EnergyBox, to connect with other electrical devices.

Safe & Reliable

  • Multi-Level Protection with Rapid Fault Isolation
  • High-Quality Lithium Battery Cells for Safety and Efficiency
  • Seamless Transition Between Grid and Off-Grid Power Without Interruption

Profitable & Efficient

  • Efficient Integration: Achieve high utilization
  • Maximize Benefits: Charge during off-peak hours and discharge during peak hours to save on electricity bills

Flexible & Convenient

  • Modular Design: Plug-and-play for convenient installation
  • High Protection Level: Suitable for various installation environments
  • Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring: Swift fault detection and alarming