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Join us on this exciting journey toward a brighter, more energy-efficient future.

Revolutionizing the Way We Use Energy

With the enjoyelec app, you can take advantage of the Automatic Strategy to cut your electricity bills by optimizing energy usage throughout your home while keeping you comfortable.

The app that does it all.⚡

  • Prioritizes battery charge and solar use in high solar generation.
  • Exploits grid electricity during negative prices for optimal savings.
  • Maximizes battery utilization for solar energy based on weather and dynamic tariffs.
  • enjoyelec Controller, integrated with diverse energy devices, employs Edge AI to personalize energy strategies

Energy Trading 💹

Maximize profits by intelligently buying low-cost energy and selling high during peak demand.

Capacity Charge 🌐

Reduce reliance on the grid, ensuring minimal capacity charges and optimizing your energy usage.

Battery Standby 🔋

Ensure seamless outage protection by powering your battery.

Battery for EV 🔌

Pre-charge your battery, automatically deactivating the boost upon charging.

AI-Powered Energy Optimization, Reducing Monthly Bills by about 30%!

Our AI-driven system optimizes energy consumption through dynamic pricing strategies, reducing users’ monthly bills by around 30%. With enjoyelec, families can experience energy independence, significant cost savings and a sustainable lifestyle.

Unlock Energy Devices!
Save Bill

All-in-One control of your home devices. Seamlessly manage your EV charger, HVAC,solar, battery, and more-all from one App.

Real-Time Visualization of Energy Usage

Analyze energy usage with real-time data visualization. See your electricity generation, purchases, storage, and consumption at a glance

Buy low, sell high,
profit from the grid

Optimize off-peak energy usage intelligently with location-based dynamic tariffs. Boost your energy cost reduction with energy trading function.

Maximize cost saving
from Automatic function

Thanks to energy Al with dynamic tariffs,you can enjoy a affordable living.

Start your home energy managemet Now

Unified Energy Device Integration Hub

The enjoyelec Controller is the interface between your home energy devices and the enjoyelec applications, which you can use to control your home energy.

It’s time to make your energy devices smarter.⚡

Seamlessly connect batteries, heat pumps, solar systems, and smart devices with the enjoyelec App.
Gain insights into usage, historical data, and run energy strategies to help users save on energy bills, in conjunction with the enjoyelec App.
enjoyelec Controller meets European regulation and encrypts data using proprietary protocols to protect customers ‘data security.

Strategic Investors

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to deliver eco-friendly and interconnected solutions that cater to both our customers’ needs and environmental concerns. We strive to spearhead the worldwide energy transition through innovative technologies, while also assisting our partners in sustainable businesses and empowering our customers to enjoy an affordable livings.
Trade Energy
compatible devices

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