enjoyelec App

The enjoyelec App empowers you to conveniently access and visualize real-time data from your home energy system through the HEMS controller. It also enables direct interaction with your energy products wherever you are. Additionally, enjoyelec operates automatically, effectively reducing and managing your electricity consumption based on fluctuations in the electricity spot market.

The Evolution of Home Energy Monitoring

Energy conservation is more crucial than ever before.
  • Leveraging your lifestyle patterns, enjoyelec’s HEMS offers personalized suggestions to enhance your energy efficiency.
  • Monitor and manage your energy consumption effortlessly through the enjoyelec App.

Empower Yourself with Automated Solutions

Curious about the biggest energy consumer in your home? We’ve got that covered, making it effortless for you to make impactful changes with our energy-saving insights and automation capabilities.
  • Harness the power of AI Energy Saving Mode to optimize device settings.
  • Establish customized schedules to enhance efficiency for commonly used appliances such as thermostats and lighting controls.

Sustainable Lifestyle On the Go

With enjoyelec’s HEMS, you can effortlessly track your real-time energy consumption, pinpoint energy-intensive appliances, and take control of your carbon footprint (while trimming your energy expenses). All of this happens smoothly behind the scenes. It’s straightforward. Utilize the enjoyelec App to:
  • Centralize device management.
  • Discern overall household energy consumption.
  • Set up automated routines to curtail energy usage.

Download enjoyelec App!

Empower yourself by taking charge and efficiently managing your clean energy, enhancing your home life.
  • Seamlessly Handle Energy with an Intuitive App.
  • Analyze Energy Usage through Real-time Data Visualization.
  • Safeguard against Blackouts and Set Your Preferred Battery Backup Buffer.
  • Personalize and Manage Your Energy System to Attain Individual Sustainability Goals.