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Saving money is not enough. We aspire to achieve a world where clean energy is affordable for everyone.

AI Strategy: Highest Efficiency & Performance Guarantee

The enjoyelec App empowers you to conveniently access and visualize real-time data from your home energy system through the enjoyelec controller. It also enables direct interaction with your energy products wherever you are. Additionally, enjoyelec operates automatically, effectively reducing and managing your electricity consumption based on fluctuations in the electricity spot market.

Energy Trading 💹

Maximize profits by intelligently buying low-cost energy and selling high during peak demand.

Capacity Charge 🌐

Reduce reliance on the grid, ensuring minimal capacity charges and optimizing your energy usage.

Battery Standby 🔋

Ensure seamless outage protection by powering your battery.

Battery for EV 🔌

Pre-charge your battery, automatically deactivating the boost upon charging.

AI-Powered Energy Optimization, Reducing Monthly Bills by about 30%!

Our AI-driven system optimizes energy consumption through dynamic pricing strategies, reducing users’ monthly bills by around 30%. With enjoyelec, families can experience energy independence, significant cost savings and a sustainable lifestyle.
Reduce cost and CO₂ with enjoyelec's Smart Charging

Our intelligent algorithm takes control, scheduling charging during optimal time frames based on real-time electricity prices, prioritizing savings and environmental sustainability.

Optimal energy consumption pattern

Learn your utility provider's TOU rates and optimize energy use with our smart solutions. Adjust home energy consumption and battery charging times based on dynamic tariffs for lower bills and an enhanced battery system.

Peak loads reduction

Utilize load forecasting, tailor preferences to user habits, and proactively optimize energy devices (storage batteries, photovoltaics, EV charger, HVAC). Minimize peak loads to cut capacity costs imposed by utility providers.

Utilization of surplus solar power generation

With enjoyelec App, maximize solar energy use during surplus generation. When forecasts predict negative electricity prices, Automatic Strategy prioritizes energy storage and solar consumption.

All-in-one Control

Through intelligent Controller, effortlessly connect and control a variety of energy equipments: Solar, Battery Storage, EV Charger, Electric Vehice, HVAC and Smart Home Devices .

Experience sustainable and affordable living in 3 simple steps

Install the app for its full potential.

Create a personalized family profile, choosing your energy retailer for real-time insights.

Activate automatic strategy—let cutting-edge AI manage your energy seamlessly.

enjoyelec Controller – Unified Energy Device Integration Hub

The enjoyelec Controller serves as an energy management hub, seamlessly linking all your home components, such asSolar, Battery Storage, EV Charger, Electric Vehice, HVAC and Smart Home Devices. It collects real-time home energy data to intelligently optimize energy usage, considering factors like market prices and solar energy availability.

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