Who is enjoyelec?

enjoyelec excels in the field of home energy management(HEMS), battery storage system(BSS), vehicle to grid (V2G) charger and virtual power plants(VPP) across various clean energy ecosystems, leveraging energy AI, battery AI, IoT and big data to achieve carbon neutrality through the focus of clean energy applications.


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Strategic Investors

Trusted Partnerships and Collaborations

enjoyelec products have demonstrated their reliability through tens of thousands of successful operations in the field. We proudly serve numerous companies that rely on our platform and standardized products. These partnerships have resulted in multiple innovative projects, spanning bidirectional EV charging, energy communities, and demand response.

To facilitate the global energy sector’s transition from fossil fuel-based sources to zero carbon alternatives in order to mitigate climate change

To establish a stable and secure power system,ensuring that everyone can access clean and affordble electricity

To enable humanity to inhabit a sustainable planet powered by renewable energy sources.

To achieve ESG goals for sustaninable development and guide the transition to Net Zero Carbon