HEMS Ecosystem: Energy Revolution

Discover the future of energy management through our HEMS ecosystem. Experience the seamless integration of solar power, energy storage, smart appliances, and more for a greener, smarter world. Dive into HEMS and unleash efficient, eco-friendly energy usage.

To be our eco-partner

Why cooperate with enjoyelec?

Empower your business with our complete home energy solutions including free solftware.

Controller Connection

Facilitate the integration of your hardware into the enjoyelec environment with HEMS Controller, supporting protocols such as Modbus, EEBUS, SG Ready, Open ADR, and more. Seamlessly connect your devices to enhance energy management.

Device Integration

Connect your hardware directly to enjoyelec’s Cloud and empower it with control through the enjoyelec App. Elevate the capabilities of your hardware for enhanced performance.

Data Sharing Across Cloud Platforms

Effortlessly share data across platforms through cloud integration, enabling users to seamlessly utilize their devices.