Empower your business with our complete home energy solutions including free solftware.

HEMS Ecosystem: Energy Revolution

Discover the future of energy management through our HEMS ecosystem. Experience the seamless integration of solar power, energy storage, smart appliances, and more for a greener, smarter world. Dive into HEMS and unleash efficient, eco-friendly energy usage.

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Why cooperate with enjoyelec?

Comprehensive Solutions

Cloud-based Management of Energy Devices

Free App for Effortless Energy Management

Participate in Electricity Market and Time-of-use(TOU)

Engage in HEMS to Form Energy Linkages with Other Energy Devices

Generation & Load Forecasting Services for Equipment Users

Demand Charge Management to Reduce Cost

Dedicated After-Sales and Technical Support

How to access enjoyelec HEMS

Controller Connection

Integrate your hardware into the enjoyelec environment with HEMS Controller, through different protocols such as Modbus, EEBUS, SG Ready, Open ADR, RS485 and more.

Device Integration

Connect your hardware directly to enjoyelec’s Cloud and empower it with control through the enjoyelec App. Elevate the capabilities of your hardware for enhanced performance.

Cloud to Cloud API

Effortlessly connect to enjoyelec platforms through Open API, Enabling users to seamlessly optimize their energy usage via enjoyelec AI strategy.

Cooperation process

  • Strategic cooperation

    🌟Retailer users can view electricity prices and monitor power usage in real-time through HEMS

    🌟Enables HEMS users to sign electricity contracts by providing them with access to cost-effective pricing

    Data Integration

    🌟 Kick-off meeting

    🌟enjoyelec HEMS API and Controller protocols are opened to retailer partners

    🌟Data security and protection

    Optimize Energy management

    🌟Offer varying electricity prices to your customers by AI strategies from enjoyelec HEMS

    🌟Your customers can have a more intelligent and preferential energy consumption experience

    Go to Market

    🌟Your customers navigatecan benefit from the electricity market with enjoyelec VPP.

    🌟Expand your business with value-added services from enjoyelec DER resource control strategies .

  • Strategic cooperation

    🌟 Fully know your demand

    🌟Provide you with a complete HEMS solution combining software and hardware at low cost


    🌟 Kick-off meeting

    🌟Provide you with an explicit training plan to install HEMS Controller

    🌟Provide you Controller and APP using brochure


    🌟Installing support for questions

    🌟Well-coordinated your customer’s home energy devices efficiently and effectively using HEMS Controller

    Go to Market

    🌟Strength your business and increase profit with complete HEMS solution

    🌟Help to satisfy your customer’s increasing energy demand

  • Strategic cooperation

    🌟 Fully know your demand

    🌟Enhance your devices capability in energy world and increase compatibility with other line of energy devices

    Implement and testing

    🌟 Kick-off meeting

    🌟Tailor-made implementation and testing plan

    💡Your Cloud to our platform
    💡Your Devices to HEMS controller
    💡Your Devices to our platform

    Launch and maintenance

    🌟 Open question support portal to address your HEMS technical issue

    🌟Low cost to connect enjoyelec HEMS and maintenance support

    🌟Timely upgrade for HEMS

    Go to Market

    🌟Earn extra income in electricity market

    🌟Help end user save energy cost by by load management, and spot price forecasting

    🌟Convenient your customers with devices’ smart control ability

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