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At enjoyelec, we’re not just witnessing the electric revolution; we’re driving it forward. Our team is a blend of diverse talents, from software engineers to digital marketers, all united by a shared passion for pioneering technology, boundless curiosity, and a relentless determination to challenge the norms.
⚡Dedicated to sustainability, we’re committed to revolutionizing not only our own products but also the entire energy ecosystem we’re a part of.

👨We’re on the lookout for specialists, technicians, digital experts, and passionate individuals who thrive on overcoming challenges and making a difference.

🏘 As a mission-driven company, we’re proud to welcome new users every month, fueling our growth and propelling us toward our shared vision of a sustainable future.

💪Join us at enjoyelec for an adventure filled with endless opportunities, a vibrant company culture, and new challenges waiting to be conquered.

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🦹🏽‍♀️👨‍🎤Technical Support Specialist

We are seeking a skilled EU Technical Support Specialist to join our HEMS Team at enjoyelec. As a Technical Support Specialist, you will play a crucial role in providing exceptional technical assistance and customer support to our clients across Europe. You will be responsible for troubleshooting technical issues related to our HEMS products and service and ensuring the seamless integration and operation of smart devices connected to our platform.

🦹🏽‍♀️👨‍🎤Business Successful Developer

As a key member of enjoyelec Business Development team, you’ll play a key role in driving European market growth by dentifying and pursuing new market opportunities, developing and managing partnerships,You’ll learn from the best and contribute to shaping enjoyelec’s future!

🦹🏽‍♀️👨‍🎤Commercial & Corporate Development Manager

The Commercial and Corporate Development Manager is responsible for developing and executing enjoyelec’s business development strategy in Europe. This includes identifying and pursuing new market opportunities, developing and managing partnerships, and representing enjoyelec at industry events.

As a key player in the enjoyelec team, you’ll be at the forefront of driving change and innovation. Reporting directly to the enjoyelec CEO, you will collaborate closely with the visionary minds to shape objectives and long-term plans.