Commercial & Industrial Energy Management Solution

enjoyelec’s C&I energy management solution is a customized and integrated system for C&I customers. It enables eco-linking of energy products like PV systems, ESS, EV chargers, and smart meters. Customers can visualize energy consumption and supply information, monitor load curves through enjoyelec’s iEMS, and receive assistance in forecasting power prices and load changes, allowing them to participate in power trading markets.

Safe & Reliable

  • Comprehensive cloud monitoring for rapid fault alarms
  • AI-driven management to enhance thermal management capabilities
  • Multi-level protection for fast fault isolation · Improved power quality and grid support during instability

Profitable & Efficient

  • Efficient integration: intelligent algorithms, extended system life
  • Multiple benefits: peak-to-valley interest arbitrage, dynamic capacity increase, demand management, demand-side response, increased green power utilization rate

Flexible & Convenient

  • Modular design for convenient installation and debugging
  • Bus connection for easy expansion and management
  • User-friendly access with flexible and diverse methods