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🌟Discover Even More Eco-Friendly Home Solutions With enjoyelec App📲

🏘In an effort to provide our users with more eco-friendly home solutions,enjoyelec is expanding its enjoyelec App with new features that will allow users to make greener decisions. These new features include whole home energy monitoring and individual device monitoring, as well as the ability to participate in an energy switching market place.
The new features build on the existing services to help manage household energy use, save money, and contribute to a lower carbon footprint.enjoyelec App has revolutionized the home energy category and represents enjoyelec’s commitment to a more sustainable future. By combining the features on the enjoyelec App with home energy equipment, enjoyelec App empowers users to make smarter decisions about their energy consumption, helping them make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint.💡

Key features of the enhanced enjoyelec App:

  • Whole-home energy monitoring: Users can now track and report real-time whole-home energy consumption through the enjoyelec App. This integration empowers homeowners to establish automations based on energy costs or demand response events.
  • Individual device/disaggregated energy monitoring: The enjoyelec App captures energy consumption data from specific devices on a home’s energy meter, allowing users to measure the energy usage of high-consumption devices like HVAC systems, pool pumps, and water heaters.
  • Energy switching marketplace: enjoyelec introduces a platform within the app for users to explore cost-saving or renewable energy options for their home electricity. Personalized recommendations are provided for the best suppliers in their respective areas, enabling users to switch services with just a few clicks.

The global appeal of the enjoyelec App continues to grow, empowering users worldwide to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and facilitating the adoption of eco-friendly habits with unprecedented ease.

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