Home Energy Management

Redefine Energy Management in Your Home – Where Innovation Meets Sustainability

Integrated Energy Management Solution

Transform your home with enjoyelec’s Home Energy Management System (HEMS) by integrating solar power, batteries, electric vehicle chargers, and other energy devices through one interface. Monitor and optimize energy use with our enjoyelec app. Additionally, our Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology turns your electric vehicle into a smart energy asset, smoothing demand peaks, saving costs, and improving grid stability by storing excess renewable energy.

Intelligent Management

Seamlessly monitor and control your solar inverter,battery storage,EV charger and household smart appliances

Usage Overview

Check the live performance of your energy, and discover when your home reaches its peak periods by usage data.

 Automatic Mode

Thanks for our energy AI, you can automatically utilize your home energy as efficiently as possible reduce grid cost.

 United Community

Join forces with fellow enjoyelec users to become part of the VPP. We are dedicated to creating a Reliable, Sustainable, and Affordable community.

All-in-one Control Home Energy System

Multi-Function Controllers with Edge AI Integration

Our controllers connect diverse energy devices, deploy Edge AI for personalized policies, ensure smart interoperability across brands, and centrally control system

Streamline Energy Device Management

Simplify the management of all your energy devices using a single app. Enjoy seamless control of your home energy system from anywhere with the enjoyelec app for both iOS and Android.

Advanced AI Automatic Straegy

Automatically optimize home energy consumption with dynamic tarifs and save on cost.

Bidirectional Charging: Power Your Home with Your Car

Profit from the Grid-V2G

Earn money by supplying energy back to the grid🌏

Achieve energy Self-Sufficiency-V2H

Store backup power for your home or business🔋

Save Money on Energy Usage

Maximize savings by utilizing dynamic tariffs for EV charging and discharging.💼