How to Connect HVAC Equipment for Smart Heating and Cooling?

Integrating your HVAC system with enjoyelec allows for seamless control and optimization of your home’s climate. Follow the steps below to connect your HVAC equipment and enjoy the benefits of smart heating and cooling.

1. Access HVAC Settings in enjoyelec

Select the “Devices” page and tap the HVAC icon.
After selecting the brand of your HVAC equipment, tap “Connect.”

2. Search for your HVAC Device

Follow the prompts and tap on the “Continue” button.
Then, sign in to your corresponding brand account and enter the verification code if prompted.

Proceed by tapping on the “Continue” button, then click “Complete.”
Customize a name for your device, then tap “Complete.”

3. Check Connected Device Features

Return to the Home page and tap on your newly bound HVAC device.
View the features supported by your connected device.
If smart heating or cooling are supported, adjust the temperature by dragging the Temperature Adjustment Bar to your desired setting.

4. Activate Smart Heating and Cooling Function

While on the Strategy page, tap the HVAC icon.
Tap the “Switch On” button and wait a few seconds for your HVAC system to display the connected animation.

With these steps completed, your HVAC equipment is now connected, allowing you to control it remotely and help you regulate the temperature automatically based on your settings.