How to Save on Your Energy Costs with the ‘Automatic’ App Function

Exciting news! We’ve launched the latest version of the enjoyelec App, featuring an upgraded ‘automatic’ function powered by AI.

Ensure your enjoyelec App is updated to start reducing your energy costs via our cutting-edge AI strategy.

Just click the devices icon around the ‘automatic’ image, and you can add your devices to the automatic strategy, which will optimize your device consumption and shift energy usage to off-peak times.

Of course, we offer advanced settings for those with deeper demands. Building on the ‘automatic’ strategy, you can access progressive options in our App.

Tips 1: Guideline for Advanced Settings

If you have a battery, don’t hesitate to activate ‘energy trading’ and ‘Battery standby’ or ‘Battery for EV.’

By unlocking the ‘Energy trading’ strategy, you allow our AI-powered energy trading to unlock maximum profits by buying low and selling high with your battery and V2G (vehicle-to-grid), driven by your dynamic export tariff.

  • Battery standby

Unlocking ‘Battery standby’ automatically enables seamless outage protection by powering your battery before storms and intelligently managing your energy during outages. This strategy deactivates seamlessly upon restoration.

  • Battery for EV

This function is mutually exclusive with ‘Battery standby’ and cannot be enabled simultaneously. If you choose to unlock ‘Battery for EV,’ you enable faster EV charging by boosting virtual capacity with strategic battery discharge. Our system pre-charges your battery and automatically deactivates the boost upon charging starting or after 12 hours.

Tips 2: Control Power, Cap Your Costs.

For demand charge management, the ‘Capacity charge’ strategy is suitable for you. Set your target capacity, and AI will handle the task.

  • Capacity charge(Beta)

Click to activate ‘Capacity charge (Beta),’ enabling an intelligent strategy to manage your battery storage, EV charger, and HVAC, significantly reducing reliance on the grid and minimizing capacity charges.

Download the enjoyelec app today and start saving!

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