New enjoyelec App Energy Features Take Home Energy Management to Next Level

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the newest version of our Home Energy Management System (HEMS) – now available! 🌐✨

What’s New:

Stay Weather-Informed for Smart Energy Decisions! ☀️🌧️

Customize your home profile by selecting your region on the app. Receive real-time local weather updates and explore energy retail options in your area. Our advanced automatic strategy function optimizes your use of green power based on real-time weather conditions and forecasts, ensuring a significant reduction in home energy costs. Furthermore, our strategy extends to smart HVAC temperature adjustments, aligning with ambient temperatures to conserve energy without compromising your comfort. Now, tailor your energy usage based on upcoming weather conditions, maximizing efficiency and savings.

Enhanced Energy Retailer Choices for Better Savings! 💡💰

We’ve expanded our network of energy retail partners in HEMS, providing users with a variety of options for real-time energy prices. Easily select from different energy providers to access accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing. Our AI strategy intelligently adjusts charging and discharging times based on Dynamic Tariffs. When electricity prices are high, leverage your solar power; when prices are low, switch to the grid. Enjoy reduced energy expenses with dynamic energy management!

Hello to French Language for a More Inclusive Experience! 🇫🇷🌐

We are broadening our linguistic horizons! The HEMS app now supports French, offering a more inclusive experience with multiple language choices.

Curious about how our HEMS App can empower your home with smart energy management? Download now!

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