Utility-Scale Renewable Power Plants Digital Solution

enjoyelec offers a professional, customized, and integrated digital solution tailored for renewable energy investors and operators. Our iEMS leverages Energy AI and Battery AI technologies to maximize asset value, including power generation and price forecasting, optimization of ESS operation strategies, and reduction of manual O&M costs, among other features.

Safe & Reliable

  • Multi-level protection for fast fault isolation
  • Comprehensive cloud monitoring with rapid fault alarming
  • AI-driven management to enhance thermal management capabilities

Profitable & Efficient

  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy for reduced assessments
  • Efficient integration through intelligent algorithms for extended lifespan
  • Multiple benefits: Participate in utility grid peak and frequency modulation, reducing wind and solar energy waste

Flexible & Convenient

  • Modular design for easy installation and debugging
  • Bus connection, simplifying expansion and management
  • Accessible, offering flexible and diverse access methods

Gird Friendly

  • Ensures quick response with AGC, tracking plans, and smoothing fluctuations
  • Actively supports primary frequency modulation and dynamic voltage and reactive power control to enhance power quality