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Categories: News

by enjoyelec


🎆Celebrating Porsche’s Breakthrough of the “Highest Altitude Difference Crossing™” Challenge, Setting a New World Record – enjoyelec Proudly Contributing as Energy Supplier

Over the course of 10 grueling days, our team embarked on a remarkable journey, pushing the boundaries of energy replenishment in the most extreme conditions. 🌍

The mission? To conquer the “Highest Altitude Difference Crossing™” and set a new world record with the Porsche Taycan. 🏆

Our expedition took us from Xinjiang to the awe-inspiring heights of Red Stone Daban, covering nearly 2783 kilometers. However, the real test awaited us in the last 4 days as we ventured into the Kunlun Mountains, where electricity was a distant luxury. ❄

Our journey began with on-site surveys, meticulously collecting data on terrain and energy requirements. We developed comprehensive plans and backup strategies to ensure our success. 💡

Led by our technical team, we conducted coordination meetings to analyze the survey data and anticipate potential challenges. We even organized tests with Porsche’s local dealer to be thoroughly prepared for what lay ahead. 🚗⚡

During the challenge itself, enjoyelec played a pivotal role in providing energy replenishment for areas like Ku Di, San Shi Li Camp, Hong Liu Tan, and Hong Tu Da Ban, all of which lacked electricity. As we ascended to higher altitudes, we faced unpredictable weather, communication blackouts, and the unforgiving terrain. 🌨

Our maintenance team diligently inspected our equipment daily and addressed specific issues with the charging infrastructure. The ultimate test came on the last day: a continuous climb of nearly 300 kilometers, with sub-zero temperatures at altitudes exceeding 5000 meters. To add to the challenge, a sudden snowstorm struck as we approached the summit. This moment became an indelible memory in our energy-replenishment journey. ❄❄

As we reflect on these intense 10 days, we take pride in our team’s resilience and the exceptional performance of our energy-replenishment equipment in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. ⭐

Our achievement extends beyond setting a new world record for the Porsche Taycan; it represents a significant milestone, especially following our strategic partnership with Porsche earlier this year. 🤝

In the future, enjoyelec remains committed to delivering value-added services for our customers, fostering collaborative ecosystems, and contributing to a world that’s steering towards carbon neutrality. 🌱

Connect with us at for the latest updates, insights, and news. We look forward to engaging with you and sharing our journey towards a smarter energy future.🎉🎊


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