enjoyelec’s Cutting-Edge Solutions Spotlighted at Energy Tech Summit 2024

11 4 月, 2024

🌟April 10, 2024 – enjoyelec participated in the Energy Tech Summit 2024 held in Bilbao, Spain. CEO Ethan Zhu was honored to deliver a keynote speech on “AI-Driven Revolution in Home Energy Management.”

💡During his address, Ethan highlighted the ongoing global transformation in the energy sector. With increasing energy consumption worldwide, coupled with rising demands for stability, self-sufficiency, and intelligence in home energy, enjoyelec’s Home Energy Management System (HEMS) emerges as a pivotal solution.

At the first day, enjoyelec received significant interest from attendees seeking guidance on using their household solar and energy storage devices for electricity trading, and how to optimize these resources to generate income. We addressed these inquiries by showcasing how to bind dynamic tariffs, intelligently predict electricity prices, and utilize grid arbitrage to save on household energy expenses, demonstrating our commitment to empowering users with innovative energy management solutions.

The enjoyelec HEMS App effectively addresses these challenges by dynamically adjusting operational strategies based on fluctuating grid prices, load consumption, household solar generation, and battery charging and discharging. This optimization maximizes the utilization of clean energy for self-consumption and optimizes household energy usage by leveraging peak/off-peak differentials, thereby reducing energy costs.

Moreover, enjoyelec’s proprietary controller supports seamless connectivity with various energy devices, offering unparalleled versatility and convenience.

Key features of enjoyelec’s controller include:

  • Open API for Versatility: With an open API, enjoyelec HEMS Controller facilitates seamless integration with different devices, allowing users to control and automate Battery Storage, Solar Systems, Smart Meters, EV Chargers, HVAC, Heat Pumps, and other Smart Appliances.
  • Local Controller for Efficiency: Powered by edge computing, the HEMS CONTROLLER ensures swift system dispatch and reduced latency, enabling faster response times and more efficient energy management.
  • Data Security and Privacy: enjoyelec prioritizes the protection of users’ personal data and complies with European regulations. Our system encrypts data using proprietary protocols, ensuring utmost security and privacy for our customers.

At the event, enjoyelec demonstrated the HEMS App, providing attendees with a firsthand experience of its vital role in home energy management. By providing insights into energy storage, consumption, and associated costs, the App helps users make cost-effective decisions.

Through this summit, enjoyelec presented a more intelligent home energy management solution, not only allowing households to reap economic and environmental benefits but also presenting a vision of a greener future for people to embrace.