We are thrilled to share that #enjoylec, as a key ecological partner of #Schneider, was honored to be invited as a vital participant in Schneider Electric’s event on the new power system ecosystem, in the Shanghai International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology this November. The reason behind this exclusive invitation? Schneider Electric has integrated our innovative enjoyelec Controller pro into their energy stations, utilizing its prowess to aggregate diverse energy devices.

The enjoyelec Controller Pro, a cornerstone of our solution, facilitates local deployment at energy stations. This device not only embeds edge computing (EDGE AI) capabilities, but it also seamlessly collaborates with the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) through cloud-edge synergy algorithms. This integrated approach ensures highly efficient energy equipment management and the implementation of localized strategies, enhancing the overall performance of our innovative solution. 🏭

On one hand, it manages charging station power in real-time according to local charging operation requirements, ensuring orderly charging. On the other hand, it facilitates the exchange of controllable energy between charging stations and energy storage, enabling real-time participation in grid interactions.

As we move forward, enjoyelec remains dedicated to its mission, leveraging digital expertise in global energy management, and actively contributing to the construction of innovative power systems that pave the way for a sustainable energy future!

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